Wine Tastings

Wine tasting is the sensory examination and evaluation of wine. Why do people do it? Is there a right way to do it? However do I begin? While the practice of wine tasting is as ancient as its production, a more formalized methodology has slowly become established from the 14th century on wards. Modern, professional wine tasters (such as sommeliers or buyers for retailers) use a constantly evolving formal terminology which is used to describe the range of perceived flavors, aromas and general characteristics of a wine.

How do you find out what you like? by taking the bold step of trying to explore and find your favorite wine. When you find it you will be happy and you can share your experince with your friends.

The four recognized stages to wine tasting:  Sight – appearance  Smell – the aroma of the wine  Taste – “in mouth” sensations  Finish – The lingering taste  These are combined in order to establish the following properties of a wine:  complexity and character  potential (suitability for aging or drinking)  possible faults

A wine’s overall quality assessment, based on this examination, follows further careful description and comparison with recognized standards, both with respect to other wines in its price range and according to known factors pertaining to the region or vintage; if it is typical of the region or diverges in style; if it uses certain wine-making techniques, such as barrel fermentation or malolactic fermentation, or any other remarkable or unusual characteristics.

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Cork&Olive is the best wine and beer bar in Lake Mary.

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