Beer Tasting

It’s “not your father’s Oldsmobile” we are talking about. Guys and Girls it is Beer! Beer has evolved into something I enjoy. I was sworn to wine and used to laugh at beer, not any more. May be the lines between wine and beer are getting shorter. I am  tasting beers that have wines added into it and they are not hoppy or yeasty but tastes pleasant leaving me with an after taste I can live with.

Come to enjoy samplers or buy a six pack that you custom pick, or ask our experts at Cork&Olive to guide you to make your  selection. You have to put a little effort if you want to find and enjoy your choice beverage.

Like wine, beers can be paired with food and yes ladies there are sweet beers and fruit beers you too will enjoy. I used to think of beer as a drink that you had to acquire the taste to enjoy. Not any more. You can find the beer that tastes the way you want it.

AT Lake Mary Cork&Olive we have 6 beers on drought. No we do not have bud and miller, only craft and imported beers.

We are located in the Regal Point Shoppes, behind publix and target.

Need more info talk to us at Lake Mary Cork&Olive. We will find you the right wine for you and your friends. We will make it, we will ship or deliver it for you. Put us to work for you. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We will stand by your wine and beer needs.

Cork&Olive is the best wine and beer bar in Lake Mary.

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